The most reasonable method for the treatment of pig manure is to effectively use the pig manure, this is a more advocated method. Now, many farms use fermentation to treat pig manure, which is relatively labor-saving, but one of the major problems is that pig manure cannot mix well with fermentative bacteria. Resulting in uneven fermentation and not as expected.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Equipment

The fertilizer compost turner is an organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, suitable for the industrial fermentation treatment of organic solids such as livestock and poultry manure, mushroom fungi, domestic garbage, sludge, and crop straws. It can also use in various fermentation processing ranges such as feed fermentation.

organic fertilizer production line

Fertilizer Compost Turner Fermentation Technology

At present, there are two widely used organic fertilizer composting processes: one is the trough type turning machine, the other is the heap packing process. Pig manure composting process of trough type turner, the process principle is: firstly pre-treat the livestock and poultry manure, fully mix the litter such as sawdust, rice husk, and bacteria, and then in the fermentation tank. The tank turned and stirred back and forth so that the water in it is evaporated.

fertilizer compost turner

Pig manure heap packing fermentation process. After the pig manure solid-liquid separated, the feces, dry feces, and bacteria mixed. Generally, the water content of the feces after the solid-liquid separator is between 50% and 60%, and then the mixture filled into the preparation bag. In the greenhouse, it discharged on the rack of the shed-type stacking fermentation chamber. The induced moisture used to remove the moisture in the shed. The temperature and humidity adjusted to accelerate the formation of organic fertilizer.

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Technology Features

The advantage of turning machine composting is that the dumping power is sufficient during the operation, and the dumping is more thorough. So as to avoid the anaerobic fermentation caused by the untimely dumping. At the same time, it has an excellent heating and heat preservation function in the fermentation workshop. The disadvantage is that the investment cost is high and the mechanical maintenance is difficult.

fertilizer compost turner

The advantages of heap fermentation is that small investment, low operation cost, and high quality of compost, and so on. It mainly used for the production of small and medium-sized commercial organic fertilizer and the harmless disposal of pig manure. But the disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space and the labor cost is high.

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Therefore, by using the turner and heap packing fermentation technology. The pig manure of pig farms can turn into waste to produce organic fertilizer, and certain benefits can achieve. But the actual situation should consider in actual use. Such as organic fertilizer price, labor cost, site constraints, and so on, choosing the solution that suits your use. In the treatment of manure pollution in pig farms, the use of trough type turner or heap packing fermentation bed to realize the conversion of waste into treasure. The heap packing fermentation is only suitable for smaller pig farms. With the increase of manpower cost and the development of mechanization. Then the fertilizer compost turner will replace the stack fermentation process. Otherwise, realize the development mode of high quality, high efficiency, and low operation of organic fertilizer production.

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