The traditional organic fertilizer mechanism is difficult to apply and farmers are not easy to accept. There are also a lot of problems in the application and promotion of new technologies. It is necessary to gradually summarize and improve. Returning straw to the field is not conducive to crop growth. This lack of supporting mechanical equipment, straw returning to the field must rely on the power of organic manure fertilizer turning machine. Guide farmers return straw to their fields actively. Organic fertilizer compost turner for farmers to get rid of the traditional fertilizer production process.

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Fertilizer Turning Machine Turns Waste Into Treasure

Fertilizer fermentation turning machine used in the fermentation of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill sludge, slag cakes, and straw sawdust. It widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, horticultural fields, agaricus bisporus plantations and so on fermentation and dehydration operations.

fertilizer compost turner

The Combination Of Planting And Breeding

The combination of planting and breeding is an important way to realize the emission reduction of agricultural sources. The working principle of organic fertilizer turning machine. Simply speaking, it is to eat into the livestock manure and other organic waste, spit out organic fertilizer. Not only can improve the environment, but also can bring economic benefits for farmers. It enables large-scale, standardized and mechanized production of agriculture, with lower costs and increased added value. At the same time, the problem of agricultural pollution has been solved.

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Promoting Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment

We need to constantly improve the application and promotion technology of organic fertilizer, change the farmers’ traditional intensive farming methods, combine straw returning to the field to reduce the labor intensity, strengthen the straw returning to the field test, otherwise, constantly improve the agricultural machinery and agricultural technology supporting measures. Vigorously promote the production model of organic fertilizer production machinery equipment, let farmers learn to use organic fertilizer scientifically.

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Fertilizer Compost Turner Used In The Organic Fertilizer Plant

It is understood that many organic fertilizer manufacturers are using the fertilizer turning machine because it can create good benefits. The main features of the turning and polishing machine: saving a lot of manpower and material resources, making the scale of fertilizer more flexible.

fertilizer compost turner

Compared with similar products, the turning and polishing machine in price and performance are unique advantages. At the same time of saving cost, the organic fertilizer factory produces more environmental protection and high-quality organic fertilizer. Which makes the organic fertilizer factory have more market development space. Organic fertilizer production line equipment has less investment, low energy consumption, fast efficiency, high yield, and obvious advantages.

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