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  • BB Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

BB Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

Fusmar Machinery is professional in producing the organic fertilizer machine and production line. Our company began to manufacturer the organic fertilizer machine from 2005. With 15 years development, we have our own engineers and after sales service team



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Today, there are a variety of fertilizers on the market, including compost, organic, bulk compost and other inorganic fertilizers. However, bulk compost is developing rapidly. There are many large scale BB fertilizer production line in many countries.

Bulk fertilizers have become increasingly popular in agriculture because of their high fertility. There are various recipes for making it. Before making bb fertilizer, you can test the soil conditions and phytonutrients, and then produce the fertilizer according to the formula.

organic Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

In addition, the nutrient content of compound fertilizer is about 25%. BB fat was 52 percent. Bb fertilizer is manufactured according to plant requirements and soil conditions. So it’s very fertile. In particular, it has a simple production process. It requires only three machines to form a bulk compost production line. The complete bulk compost production line includes batching systems, mixing equipment and bagging machines. The key equipment is the fertilizer mixer, which can mix materials evenly.

What is BB fertilizer production line

The full name of BB fertilizer is a bulk mixture, it is a kind of compound granular fertilizer, according to a certain proportion of a variety of single fertilizer or compound fertilizer. It has the characteristics of uniform particle, little moisture, moderate particle strength, no agglomeration, convenient use, and low cost

organic Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

Introduction of BB fertilizer production line

This batch BB fertilizer production line is used to effectively produce bulk compost. It is designed according to different soil composition in different areas and specific requirements of compound fertilizer factories and fertilizer manufacturers.

Production Line Components

Batching system: The automatic batching system mainly consists of a feeding system, weighing device, stock bin, and conveyor belt. The static batching system has the speed of dynamic batching and the accuracy of ordinary static batching (0.2%).

organic Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

Belt conveyor: the movable belt conveyor works on the same principle as the ordinary belt conveyor. The belt serves as the continuous conveying equipment for the traction bearing machine. Compared with the ordinary belt conveyor, it increases the mobile equipment and lifting device. With more lifting and moving devices, the mobile lifting belt conveyor increases its superior dynamic capability, which is now possible. Field conditions are pushed or pulled by forklifts and other powered locomotives to appropriate loading and unloading locations.

BB Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

BB fertilizer mixer: this series of BB fertilizer equipment is a new generation of mixers developed by our company. Its outstanding advantages are a large amounts of mixing, easy formulation and strong pertinence. It overcomes the transfer phenomenon caused by the mixture flowing downward due to the difference of material specific gravity and particle size and improves the mixing accuracy. In addition, the product structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, greatly reducing equipment investment, thus saving manpower, financial and energy consumption.

Packaging machine: automatic packaging scale, also known as automatic packaging machine, can be divided into semi-automatic packaging scale and automatic packaging scale. The packaging scale is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packaging scale (by storage hopper, feeder, weighing and clamping hopper, kneading mechanism, computer control, pneumatic actuator, etc.) and selection part (conveyor, sewing machine/thermal bonding machine). Use spiral feeding to force out the material through the feeding mechanism.

BB Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

BB Fertilizer Production Line Advantages:

  1. The single bag mixing method is easy to control the material of each bag, with high mixing uniformity.
  2. The spiral section of the mixing section has a unique design, and the material can be moved in and out quickly.
  3. Automatic computer batching/mixing/packaging, adopting twist cage feeding mode, with a small area, less labor and investment.
  4. The whole equipment material is stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, long service life.

BB Fertilizer Production Line Features:

  1. Suitable for uniform mixing of various solid powders
  2. Granular materials should not be broken in the mixing process
  3. Productivity is 4-5 tons/hour
  4. Material mixing uniformity meets technical requirements
  5. Environmental pollution is small and meets the requirements of environmental protection
  6. The overall layout is beautiful, compact and easy to operate and maintain.
  7. The equipment has low cost and good technical and economic performance

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