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Flat Die Extrusion Granulator

The flat die granulator used for granulating various organic substances after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic granulation process. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional extrusion granulator manufacturer.



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At present, flat die extrusion granulator is one of the main (bio) organic fertilizer production equipments of Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery. It is a fertilizer machinery that has been improved and carefully manufactured with years of production experience on the basis of advanced pellet machines. The process is excellent, the operation is simple, designed different models, and so on. So, it is an ideal processing machine for fertilizer production processing.

Flat Die Extrusion Granulator Introduction

Multi-functional flat die extrusion granulator can produce pellet feed, organic fertilizer, cylindrical particles, and so on. It can also connect with polishing equipment, make cylindrical pellets roll into balls at once, no returning, high pellet formation rate, good strength. It is the ideal equipment for the production of organic fertilizer and pellets for feed production. Otherwise, the flat die granulator used for granulating various organic substances after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic granulation process. It is not necessary to dry and pulverize the raw materials before granulation, and the cylindrical granules can process through direct batching, which can save a lot of energy.

extrusion granulation machine

Usage Of The Granulator

This machine mainly used for pellet processing in (bio) organic fertilizer, breeding processing industries, and so on.

The Main Technical Parameters

parameters data

There are various models for the flat die extrusion granulator, which can purchase according to the needs of the user’s output, and can also customize.

extrusion granulation machine

Flat Die Extrusion Granulator Structure

  1. Adopted pressure roller, otherwise, the two ends are consistent with the linear velocity of the inner and outer rings of the die plate. The misalignment friction between the wheel and the die does not occur, the resistance reduced, the kinetic energy loss reduced, the service life of the die prolonged, the production cost reduced, and so on.
  2. The pressure roller evenly arranged, the operation is stable, the pressing area increased, and so on. Which improves the production efficiency.
  3. Adopted screw center pressure regulating structure, the gap of the mold can adjust, and then different materials applied to ensure the pressing effect.
  4. This model equipped with Φ1.5-Φ20mm multi-aperture molds, which can adapt to different materials granulation and achieve better benefits.

extrusion granulation machine

Advantages Of The Granulator

  1. The surface of the granular material processed by the machine is smooth and then the hardness is moderate. Otherwise, it can better maintain the nutrients of the raw materialsin the processing.
  2. The pelletcomposition is uniform and the shape is neat. The pore size of the pelletcan divide into: Φ2, Φ2.5, Φ3.5, Φ4, Φ5, Φ6, Φ7, Φ8 and so on. Users can choose according to production needs when ordering.
  3. Due to the low moisture content of the pellets, it is easy to store, and can remain in the original state for a long time in the water, greatly improving the utilization rate of the materials.
  4. The produced pellets are cylindrical.
  5. High organic fertilizer content, then, to achieve pure organic granulation.
  6. The use of organic pellets under the action, can be inlaid with each other characteristics, no need to add binder when granulation.
  7. The pellets are firm and can sieve after granulation to reduce the drying energy consumption.
  8. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to dry, and the moisture content of the raw material can be 20%-40%.

The mechanical equipment of Fusmar sells well in domestic and foreign markets and enjoys a high welcome among consumers. With years of hard work, Zhengzhou Fusmar not only established a complete and effective service system but also built an experienced service team. We will carry out after-sales tracking service for the flat die extrusion granulator equipment sold.

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