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Roller Dry Granulation Machine

The dry granulator adopts the dry rolling process technology to compress the powdery material with water content ≤5% into pieces or blocks. Zhengzhou Fsumar Machinery is a professional dry granulation machine manufacturer.



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The high pressure on the roller dry granulator without drying process of production is the normal temperature granulation equipment, with a molding, no “three wastes” discharge, stable operation, reliable operation, saving energy, reducing consumption, and so on characteristics. Zhengzhou Fsumar Machinery is a professional dry granulation machine manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail.

Introduction Of The Dry Granulator

The dry granulator adopts the dry rolling process technology to compress the powdery material with water content ≤5% into pieces or blocks, which crushing the whole granules and sieving the process to make the piece materials meet the use required granular material. Dry roll granulation mainly relies on external pressurization to force the material to pass through the gap between two opposite rotating rolls and forced to compress into pieces. During the rolling process, the actual density of the material can increase 1.5~3 times. Thereby achieving a defined particle strength requirement.

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Parameters Data Of The Roller Dry Granulator

parameters data

The Use And Characteristics Of Dry Granulator

  1. Direct granulation of dry powder without any additives.
  2. The particle strength can adjust throughadjusting the pressure of the rollsto control the strength of the finished product.
  3. Cycle operation to achieve continuous production.
  4. High finished product output.
  5. The material forced to compression-mold throughmechanical pressure without any additives, and the purity of the product is guaranteed.
  6. Direct granulation of dry powder does not require subsequent drying process, which is more conducive to the connection and transformation of existing production processes.
  7. The particle strength is high, and the increase of bulk specific gravity is more significant than other granulation methods, especially suitable for increasing the proportion of product bulk.
  8. Adapt to a wide range of raw materials, the particle strength can freely adjust according to different materials.
  9. Compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low failure rate, and so on.
  10. It can control environmental pollution, reduce powder waste and packaging costs, improve product transportation capacity, and so on.
  11. The feeding and feeding device adopts frequency conversion step-less adjustment control, a high degree of automation. It can realize one-person multi-machine control. Otherwise, it has the characteristics of low labor intensity and long-term continuous operation.

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Working Principle Of The Dry Granulating Machine

The raw materials uniformly fed into the feeding hopper by the quantitative feeder, and then the tying machine makes use of a pair of rollers with holes. Leaving a certain gap between each other, and then the two rotate in reverse at the same speed. One set of roller bearing seat in the frame does not move, and then the other set of roller bearing seat in the frame guide rail, with the help of hydraulic cylinder pressure to close each other. The surface of the roll regularly arranged with many holes of the same shape and size, and then the trough aligned with the trough. At this time, dry powdery materials continuously and uniformly enter between the two rollers by self-weight and forced feeding from the top of the two rollers.

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The materials first flow freely, and then enter the bite area and gradually bite into the trough by the roller. With the continuous rotation of the roller, the material occupied the space gradually decreases, and then gradually compressed. Then, the pressure gradually decreases, and the shaped blocks fall off the holes due to the elastic recovery and self-weight and enter into the crushing and screening device. The finished products are qualified granular products, which weighed and packaged. And then powder out of the mouth of fine powder and unqualified large particles returned through the wring dragon weight. Finally, the feed port mixed with fresh materials and added to the pre-feeding hopper to enter the next round of the technological process.

Choosing a suitable granulation machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the particles. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.

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