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  • rotary drum dryer

Rotary Drum Dryer

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery has manufactured a new generation of rotary drum dryer with years of experience in fertilizer machinery. This machine

is a relatively advanced fertilizer drying equipment.



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Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery has manufactured a new generation of rotary drum dryer with years of experience in fertilizer machinery. The machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life, uniform drying, convenient maintenance, and so on. So it is a relatively advanced fertilizer drying equipment.

Fertilizer Drying Machine Introduction

The fertilizer drying machine is drying equipment for organic fertilizers. With the development of renewable resources, waste recycling is becoming more and more common. Organic fertilizers mainly use animal and plant wastes, which can provide a large amount of nutrients plant growth needed when combined with soil. Generally, it processed through fermentation, but in the process of processing, how to dehydrate and dry the semi-finished bio-organic fertilizer becomes an urgent problem. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery has produced this drying device for bio-organic fertilizer according to the characteristics of organic fertilizer.

rotary drum dryer

Use And Characteristics Of The Rotary Drum Dryer

This machine mainly used for the production of fertilizers with drying temperature and grain size of compound fertilizer so on. Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. Small investment, good economic returns, reliable performance, and so on.
  2. Low power, no waste discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable process layout, advanced technology, low production cost, and so on.
  3. The distribution and angle design of the lifting plate is reliable. So the heat utilization rate is high, the drying is uniform, and the number of cleaning materials is small.

fertilizer drying machine

The Main Technical Parameters

parameter data

Working Principle Of The Rotary Drum Dryer

The bio-organic fertilizer dryer can directly dry materials up to 70%-80% of water content to 13% of safe storage moisture. At the same time, the whole process carried out in a closed system, thereby reducing environmental pollution during the drying process. The rotary drum dryer mainly composed of a heat source, a feeding machine, a feeding machine, a rotary drum, a discharging machine, an organic fertilizer crushing device, an induced draft fan, a discharger, a power distribution cabinet, and so on. The dehydrated wet organic matter added the animal and plant residue to dry.

After the machine turned over, then, the material uniformly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air in the drum. At this time, accelerate drying heat transfer. In the drying process, the material discharged under the action of the inclined plate and the hot temper, at the same time, and the star discharge valve discharged to the other part of the dryer.

fertilizer drying machine

Advantage Of The Rotary Drum Dryer

  1. The drum dryer has high mechanization, large production capacity, continuous operation, and so on.
  2. The structure is excellent and simple, and the material runs smoothly through the resistance of the cylinder. Otherwise, it is easy to operate.
  3. Less failure, low maintenance costs, low power consumption, and so on.
  4. Wide application range and good uniformity of product drying so on.
  5. Drying can also achieve the purpose of sterilization and deodorization.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional rotary drum dryer manufacturer has the advantages of advanced structure, reliable performance, low energy consumption, stable operation, and so on. Provide each customer with intimate pre-sales and after-sales professional services, from product introduction to production site and customer equipment worksite visit.

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