Organic fertilizer granulator production line is to make the fertilizer into the user needs the granule, then convenient for later use or sales.

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The Reason That The Finished Product Appears Rough In The Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The service life of an organic fertilizer granulator depends on the daily maintenance of the equipment. It should note that with the extension of the use time, the components of the organic fertilizer granulator will wear out. If it not processed in time, the particle size of the finished product will become larger, thicker, and unattractive. We need to replace the lining plate of the machine.

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Done Well Organic Fertilizer Granulator Daily Maintenance

When replacing the lining plates of the organic fertilizer granulator, we must first pay attention to cleaning the vicinity of the outlet. At the same time, when replacing new wear parts, we must oil the transmission parts to ensure lubricity. Otherwise, new wear parts must also fix in place during installation to avoid unnecessary losses due to loosening.

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If the daily maintenance of the organic fertilizer granulator done well, the service life of the granulator can greatly extend. Cherish the equipment during use, do not let the equipment run idle. Pay attention to the change in equipment temperature and not overload operation. If there is noise, stop the operation in time, check the fault, and then eliminate the fault before use.

Using A Suitable Equipment To Make Finished Product

Plants using chemical fertilizers in agriculture are susceptible to disease and must kill through pesticides. In the long run, this approach destroys biodiversity, damages soil, pollutes the environment in which humans live. Otherwise, it directly endangers human health and affects the sustainable development of agriculture. Eliminating the use of fertilizers and pesticides is one of the goals of modern organic agriculture. Therefore, the use of organic fertilizers is increasing because organic fertilizers do not pollute the environment.

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